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Living on a dated ExpressionEngine version, you're likely faced with a variety of security vulnerabilities, compatibility issues and performance losses. We can help fix that.

  • 15+ years ExpressionEngine experience
  • Certified ExpressionEngine partner
  • Dedicated development and testing environments
  • Ongoing upgrades, maintenance, hosting and support plans available

Template & addon testing

Ensure you don't lose any functionality or capabilities with a full site evaluation and recommendations.

Migration plan

Our team will build a customized migration and launch plan so none of your data gets compromised or lost.

Ongoing upgrades

Ensure your ExpressionEngine platform and addons stay updated, happy and healthy everyday.

ExpressionEngine Development

Backed by more than 15 years of ExpressionEngine experience from complete site redesigns to adhoc development projects we'll help you do things the right way.

ExpressionEngine Performance

Optimize your website's speed and user experience with audits and improvements in your technical SEO, web accessibility and performance.

ExpressionEngine Hosting

Lightning fast hosting, monitoring, and human support for medium to large businesses so you can focus on what you do best.


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First we'll connect on a call to learn about your current ExpressionEngine website and landscape.

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Get a staging environment where you can view and test the site to ensure it's working properly prior to launching your newly upgraded site!


Frequently asked questions

Upgrading your ExpressionEngine site offers several benefits, including enhanced security, improved performance, and access to new features. It helps ensure your website remains secure and competitive in the digital landscape.

We'll assess the compatibility of your existing templates, modules, and add-ons during the upgrade process. If any components need adjustments, we'll provide a compatibility plan to ensure a smooth transition.

The cost of upgrading an ExpressionEngine site depends on factors like complexity and specific requirements. We'll provide a detailed proposal that covers development, testing, and any potential additional expenses.

The timeline for your upgrade project will be determined by its complexity. We'll provide you with a realistic timeline based on an initial assessment of your site.

We have a robust data migration process in place to ensure a seamless transition. Your content, user accounts, and other data will be carefully migrated to the upgraded site.

Our upgrade process includes SEO considerations to mitigate any potential impact on your site's search engine rankings. We'll work to maintain or improve your SEO during the upgrade.

Yes, we offer training options and resources to ensure your team can effectively use the upgraded ExpressionEngine system.

Absolutely! We can work on content improvements and SEO strategies as part of the upgrade project. We'll work with you during the discovery process to build an applicable scope and budget.

We offer post-launch support and maintenance services to address any issues and keep your site running smoothly. We also offer hosting and/or migration plans if the upgraded site requires a more modern technology stack to support the updated site.

This depends on your current environment and its capabilities. As part of our initial discovery we'll evaluate your current hosting environment and ExpressionEngine's system requirements to help determine a migration plan and recommended hosting providers.

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